Mid March already!  As always, the ski season has been roaring by at warp speed! 

Looking back, La Niña has once again delivered as promised; January was a powdery month for us here in BC, with the most snowfall and January powder grins I can recall.  After a relatively sunny and dry February filled with goggle tans, March has steam rolled us with snowfall once again.  Kicking Horse's base is now approaching a depth of 3 m and the coverage rivals the best conditions seen here since the resort's expansion 12 years ago.  Ski lines in the backcountry are well filled in (wider and more gentle), and we look forward to a stabilizing trend of avalanche conditions as spring continues. 

Recent high winds and heavy snowfalls this month have kept us on our toes with a lot of days of considerable and high avalanche danger rating, resulting with our guests skiing our more conservative terrain.   Looking ahead, as the days become longer and the sunnier weather approaches, we'll enjoy long days of ski touring with a lower level of avalanche danger, and more terrain options.  

Hope to see you out there!