Just resting the back for a moment...  and summer-work mindset shifts towards winter pursuits.  

As the morning air becomes more frigid with each passing week, I find my focus drifting towards the coming ski season.  With the long range forecasts suggesting a long and cold one ahead, the excitement starts to take hold.  

This season we look forward to taking a group to Japan in January for a tour of some of the many ski resorts in the Nagano Prefecture.  We also have a couple other multi-day resort tours nearly sold out.  Last year was our busiest year so far, and we're setting up to manage more groups for the up and coming season.

The single day guided ski tour program we offer out of Kicking Horse Resort is gaining in popularity, and we had a remarkable season last year in terms of snow quality and avalanche stability.  Our program is designed for all levels of ability, with "new to back country touring" enthusiasts also being very welcome.  The terrain surrounding the resort is ideal for touring, and so far still remains quiet enough to feel remote.  

Also Increasing in popularity is the Avalanche Safety Training Level 2 Course, which we have 3 weekends set aside for this winter.  Anyone looking for the AST 1 is certainly welcome to inquire as well, and we'll arrange course dates as the requests come in.  

We hope you're enjoying the change of season, and all the fall colors and activities that come with it, wherever the season finds you.

Hope to ski with you this winter.